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What is Wales Tech Week?

Wales Tech Week is an annual premier technology conference that brings together industry leaders, innovators, professionals, and enthusiasts from the technology sector. It aims to showcase and celebrate the latest advancements, trends, and opportunities in the tech industry, particularly focusing on Wales and its contributions.

This hybrid, international Tech Summit will give you valuable insights and opportunities by:

When and where will the event take place?    

Wales Tech Week will take place 16-18 October 2023 in the ICC Wales. The international Tech Summit, 16-17 October, will open the doors at 8:30am.

Who will be exhibiting?

There will be a diverse array of organisations exhibiting, which can be viewed on the Exhibitors page.

Who should attend the event?

Wales Tech Week is open to anyone interested in technology, innovation, and its impact on various sectors. This includes tech professionals, entrepreneurs, students, educators, investors, policymakers, and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or just starting out, there’s something for everyone.

For technology companies, startups and experts

Champion your work, make connections, unleash your potential.

For manufacturers, professional services, public sector and third sector organisations

Discover innovation, learn from industry leaders, leave ready to take action.

For tech-curious workers (Talent4Tech on 18 October)

Discover potential careers, network with employers, understand your options.

What can attendees expect at Wales Tech Week?

Attendees can expect a diverse range of activities, including keynote presentations by renowned tech leaders, panel discussions, workshops, networking sessions, product showcases, and startup pitches. The event covers a wide spectrum of tech topics such as AI, cybersecurity, fintech, sustainable tech, digital transformation, and more.

How do I register for Wales Tech Week?

Wales Tech Week is free to attend. Registration details are available here.

Is there a mobile app for Wales Tech Week?

The online Wales Tech Week experience will be available via our Platform Partner, Haia. Haia is website-based and will not require a separate app download, simply any device with internet access. Wales Tech Week on Haia will be made available to attendees shortly before the event opens.

Is the event virtual or physical?

Wales Tech Week is a primarily physical event, in person at the ICC Wales. There will be streaming available for most sessions via Wales Tech Week on Haia for those who have registered, as well as playback and features to connect virtually with fellow attendees, exhibitors, and partners.

Will there be playback available?

Yes, playback will be available via Wales Tech Week on Haia.

Is there a code of conduct for attendees?

Yes, you can view the code of conduct here.

Will there be photos or videos taken during the event?

Yes. Wales Tech Week aims to capture the dynamic and engaging moments of the conference to share with attendees and the broader community. The photos and videos taken during the event may be used for promotional purposes, social media updates, recap videos, and other communication channels associated with Wales Tech Week. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

How to Get Involved

Can startups exhibit?

Absolutely, startups are welcome to exhibit at Wales Tech Week! This is a fantastic opportunity for startups to gain exposure, connect with potential investors, partners, and customers, and to be a part of the vibrant tech ecosystem that Wales Tech Week fosters.

If you’re interested in exhibiting your startup in the Startup Alley, apply here.

Can I present my own tech innovation at the event?

Yes, Wales Tech Week often provides opportunities for startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs to showcase their tech innovations. Get in touch with our team.

How much is it to exhibit?

You can see all of the exhibition options and prices by downloading our Exhibition Opportunities brochure here.

Can I partner?

Yes, there are a variety of partnerships available to suit your organisation’s aims and budget. You can learn more by downloading our Partnership Opportunities brochure here.

Can I speak?

If you are interested in speaking at Wales Tech Week, contact us walestechweek@technologyconnected.net or via the contact form to tell us more and we will be in touch.

Venue & Onsite

Will there be free wifi available at the venue?

Yes, there will be free wifi throughout the ICC Wales venue.

Will there be charging stations for electronic devices?

Yes, the venue has this onsite.

Is there a cloakroom available?

Yes, there will be a cloakroom available at Wales Tech Week. The event organisers understand the convenience of having a secure place to store personal belongings during the event. The cloakroom will provide a safe and monitored space where attendees can store their coats, bags, and other items, allowing you to move freely and comfortably throughout the event without the burden of carrying everything with you.

Will food and/or drink be available at the event?

Yes, there are cafes onsite as well as coffee stations within the Main Hall of the event. Grab and go catering will be available at set lunch times. Costs are determined by the venue.


What steps is Wales Tech Week taking to be sustainable?

Wales Tech Week is committed to promoting sustainability and minimising its environmental impact. The event has implemented a range of initiatives to achieve this goal.

What about sustainable transportation options?

Wales Tech Week encourages attendees to use sustainable transportation options, such as public transit, cycling, or walking, to reach the event venues. Wales Tech Week is also providing green buses to and from the train station. Maps and information about transportation alternatives will be provided on the event’s website and mobile app.

Are sustainable materials used in event production?

Yes, the event strives to use sustainable materials whenever possible. Event signage, banners, and promotional materials are often produced using eco-friendly or recyclable materials, and printing is kept to a minimum. Digital communication is favoured over paper-based materials to reduce waste.

Can attendees participate in sustainability efforts?

Absolutely, attendees can actively contribute to the event’s sustainability efforts. This includes using designated recycling bins, opting for sustainable transportation options, and engaging in conversations about sustainability during panel discussions and networking events.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Is the event venue accessible for people with mobility disabilities?

Yes, the event organisers prioritise accessibility. The chosen venue for Wales Tech Week is selected with accessibility in mind. This includes wheelchair ramps, accessible entrances and exits, and facilities that cater to people with mobility challenges.

Can attendees request specific accommodations?

Absolutely, attendees can request specific accommodations they may need to fully participate in the event. During the registration process or through contacting the event organisers directly, individuals can communicate their requirements, and the event team will work to provide suitable solutions.

How can attendees provide feedback on accessibility and inclusion?

Wales Tech Week values feedback from attendees on accessibility and inclusion. Please email us at walestechweek@technologyconnected.net