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David Barton - Director/Co-founder, Kaydiar ltd

David began innovating Kaydiar’s first offloading orthotic device, with Co-founder Heather Smart, for diabetic foot ulcers as an undergraduate student at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The outputs from this research proved to be instrumental in sparking off further R&D relating to the DiaSole innovation, and has paved the way in developing other disruptive products, not just in the medical sector, but also the over-the-counter (OTC) pharma sector too.

“Due to my endless fascination in medical devices, I pursued innovating around the problems associated with current medical devices. This is why I co-founded Kaydiar, to produce next generation medical devices for the diabetic foot, and help alleviate the financial pressures from our NHS. With our current innovations, Kaydiar is setting out to become a go to company for anti-pressure tech. that can not only treat these devastating wounds effectively, but also prevent them.”

Both founder’s ambitions are to make Kaydiar the go-to brand for disruptive and innovative offloading and pressure redistribution technology within the medical and OTC healthcare sectors.

David Barton - Director/Co-founder, Kaydiar ltd

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