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Richard Immerglück

I am thrilled to be a part of Wales Tech Week, representing the unique journey of professionals who have transitioned from entirely different fields into the vibrant world of technology. My story is a testament to the boundless opportunities in the tech industry.

As a professional opera singer, I honed my craft on stages around the world, immersing myself in the world of music. However, my passion for technology has always been simmering, just under the surface, waiting for the right opportunity to emerge. Covid became that opportunity, allowing me the time to take on a master’s at Cardiff University, where I graduated with distinction.

Today, I proudly work with Academii, an eLearning and content creation company, where I’ve had the privilege of spearheading numerous successful projects. Among them, a standout achievement was the creation of a captivating VR experience for National Grid, showcased at the prestigious Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. This project seamlessly blended my artistic background with the cutting-edge tech landscape.

My journey embodies the power of adaptability and the limitless prospects that await those willing to embrace change. I’m excited to share my experiences at Wales Tech Week, showcasing how diverse backgrounds can enrich and innovate the tech world.

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Richard Immerglück

Speaking Schedule

Venture into the Future

Wednesday 18th October - 12.45pm to 1.30pm

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